Saturday, August 28, 2010

 Check out my Blog Post for Jupe Boutique! Showing love for the mom shorts.....

This is the Official first blog for The Naudi Spot! Yay.....Allow myself to introduce myself, My name is Erin i am a 24 year old female currently located in Pittsburgh PA. I am a Fashion and retail management student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and work for a small boutique called Jupe in the South Side .I am a single mother of one simply gorgeous daughter named Naudia ( hence the name The Naudi Spot).

I have decided to create The Naudi Spot as a way to share all my guilty pleasures with the rest of the Blogging World . I am hoping that by starting a blog of my own that i will force my creativity out and not be scared to be different and stand out. I will be sharing some of my own personal style and some of what inspires me as well . I hope you Enjoy, and go easy on me this blogging thing takes a while to get used to . 

                                             The lovely ladies who inspire me.....

Diane Kruger .....she is fabulous, need i say more.

I recently Saw Christine Ricci featured a few time in People Style Watch and realized how fantastic she is , She has such a unique look and her style isn't something i will be overlooking anymore.
         Alexa Chung always has the perfect mixture of tomboy,girlie and a bit retro.

Emily Blunt has such simplistic but fierce look going for her <3 her.